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The pop star, who went on a hiatus after her 2013 release, PRISM, seems to have entered a new era.

The general feel of the album is electropop. It has various collaborations, including Nicki Minaj on the EDM track Swish Swish, which is co-produced by Duke Dumont. The three singles released so far have all been a collaboration: Chained To The Rhythm featuring Skip Marley, Bon Appetite featuring Migos and Swish Swish. They perfectly show off the album: a feast of electronic beats, cringe lyrics ("fresh off the oven") and essentially, similar-sounding tunes.

Promotion for this album has been intense. Perry started off by announcing Witness: The Tour, a 71-date American and European tour, which is set to start in September. However, she went one step further to connect with her younger audience: a 72-hour live stream on YouTube. From an emotional therapy session to sleeping, Perry decided to take on "Witness" to the very sense of the word.

The album kicks off with the title track, an electronic song with a twist. The introduction of this song has Latin guitar strings. Power has a groovy saxophone underlying the heavy production, which is a refreshing touch. Pendulum features a gospel choir in the background, which blends in well.

Perry told E! that she worked on her mental health during her hiatus. She described her new era as "purposeful pop." This bold statement applies to a few songs. The best songs are Miss You More, a pop ballad with a euphoric taste in its melodic structure. Her vocals are in their best shape and at this point she redeems herself. The other song is the last on the record, Into Me You See. The piano ballad is the song that brings Perry back to her roots.

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