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02 Academy Brixton

Growing up in South London, Romy, Oliver and Jamie of The XX never expected that they would sell out seven nights at The O2 Academy Brixton. The venue welcomed 5,000 fans every night for a week and the trio exceeded all expectations. With three albums under their belt, they manage to satisfy their fans with a setlist that includes songs from all their albums, as well as incorporating Jamie’s solo work as Jamie XX.

Their latest album, I See You takes it back to basics whilst going the extra mile. It’s the familiar dark lyrics but with a brighter sound. The album title seems to have inspired the spectacular staging. This consists of panels of mirrors running from one side of the stage to the other and a big mirror at the back behind Jamie’s DJ set. The said panel elevates at certain intervals, giving the audience a clear view of Jamie’s activity. The audience can see the band from every possible angle.

The XX are childhood friends. Their bond is evident from their tight sound and open body language. They position themselves in a way that everyone is seen equally. They go through the setlist flawlessly, performing hits such as Angels, VCR and the arresting I Dare You.

The iconic Intro is left for the Encore. However, it’s what happens at the end of the song that will surely be remembered by the band and fans alike. For around five solid minutes, the crowd claps and shouts words of encouragement and affection. The band is unmistakably emotional and truly appreciative, whilst admitting how performing on such a big stage does not come naturally to them. After thanking their fans, they get off the stage, with the 5,000-strong crowd still cheering them on. It is truly a chilling experience in the most positive way possible.

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